Fashion Icons!

Growing up I was very influenced by films and music videos, hence I went through some very interesting fashion phases growing up in the 2000s whilst listening to my dad’s 60s music. Whist I never straight up copied any one style in particular, I used to clothes out of magazines and put outfits together and any outfit I liked in a magazine or in a movie, I would cut it out and recreate it using mine (and my mum’s wardrobe). These are people who’s style I admire, I might not necessarily wear exactly what they wear but I certainly admire it and find it intriguing in some way.

1. Keith Richards.
I know, what a cliché! But it’s it true! I grew up with my brother blasting The Rolling Stones and we used to pick members and act out their stage performances in his room. I either went for Mick Jagger, running and jumping everywhere or I would use my brothers clothes to try and emulate the effortlessly cool look of Keith Richards. Today I find myself drawn to shirts and blazers and any excuse to wear a bandana or a hat I will take it. I’m glad they are coming back in fashion.

2. Jane Birkin
In summer I will willingly wear denim flared jeans, a white peasant shirt with a wicker basket whilst having a picnic (probably in the rain). Her minimalistic style is something I strive for in every day outfits.


3. Anita Pallenberg
Probably the coolest women! She perfected the art of sex appeal and yet innocent. Again whilst she looks as though she could get ready and out the door in five minutes and look effortless, I just look like my life is a mess. I still need to work on that one.


4. Kate Moss
Kate Moss will forever be my excuse for turning up to a party late in jeans, t-shirt and heals. I still do a Smokey eye with a nude lip when going out in the evening and continue to wear it the next morning due to Kate Moss.


5. James Dean
The first time I laid eyes upon James Dean was in his 1955 film, Rebel without a cause, and still to this day I can’t wear a leather jacket without wanting a cigarette, not to smoke but just for the image.

dean .jpg
6. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
Okay, so I had to include the Olsen twins because I definetly tried to copy Roxy’s style from A New York minute. I still love their style though, very gothic chic. They allow me to wear all black outfits.


7. Wednesday Addams
For the moody days.


8. Kiss
Kiss was the first CD me and my brother ever bought from hmv and we obviously did not understand the lyrics but I would stick a cut out star over my face (with cut out eyes) and put on a rock concert. I’m convinced Kiss is the reason I now love star and have decorated every inch of my room in hanging stars.


9. The cast of Friends.
Each character probably influenced me in some way. In particular Rachel and Phoebe. From classic 90s to hippy.


10. Captain Jack Sparrow.
Yes, I used to line my eyes in black eyeliner, plait small strands of hair, wear a bandana and these really scruffy leather brown boots. It wasn’t my best look but I was a fan.

Who was your fashion icon? Hope you enjoyed!
Eleanor Elizabeth xx

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Hey! For me this blog is a creative outlet whilst I am studying at university. I write about university mishaps, fashion, lifestyle etc. At 20, I can't promise great life advice, however maybe you could grasp what not to do.

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