Honest Review Of Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Dress.

There is no doubt that Kylie Jenner’s fashion sense is highly admired. I myself am a fan of her more casual style however I am not the biggest fan of her occasion wear. For me her 21st birthday dress did not impress.
Whilst the colour was young and bold the style of the dress seemed slightly out of place on a 21 year old. To me it looked as though a 30 year old woman’s business suit from the 80s was torn up.
For example, her Met Gala look from 2018 was too boring and old for me. In my opinion 21 is an age to wear younger looking dresses while you can. There’s plenty of time to dress moderately, why not push the boundaries when younger.

On a more positive note, like I mentioned earlier I do love the colour and think her shoes actually work well with the pink. The deep V cut is very flattering and there is no doubt she has the body for such a cut out dress. The shoulder pads on the other hand, they just remind me of a prom dress in the 80s and I’m not awfully keen on the random leftover fabric on her hip, what is the point?

I have found similar dresses to hers but ones that I think look more appropriate on someone younger and of course with a lower price tag.

The dress below offers the same silk dress tend in pink with a low drape for the chest but to me it falls better and the length makes it mature but this is balanced with the slit to keep it care free and youthful.

Pretty Little Thing Satin Dress £25


I included the dress below for a more everyday version. The bright pink will certainly stand out and has dramatic shoulder details to compromise the shoulder pads.

Topshop Wrap Dress £36


What did you think about her dress or her other birthday outfits, this is just my opinion.

Eleanor Elizabeth x

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