Summer Struggles Everyone Goes Through!

The struggle of summer is real for all body types and genders. Recently I have seen a surge in refreshing and positive content on YouTube, specifically from Lucy Woods, who has brought up the struggle of summer for plus size women. Her videos have touched on the struggle of chafing, shorts that rise up to the Gods, sweat patches and being self conscious of bingo wings.
I would definitely recommend you watch this video in particular as it perfectly captures what most women go through in summer.Personally I don’t experience all the problems as I don’t think I would be considered plus size however I can relate to most.
I am sure no matter what size you are, male of female, I am sure you will be able to relate to some of these summer problems.

1. Felling self conscious about your body but being too hot to cover up.

Even as someone who is of a smaller build I never wear shorts, crop tops, low cut tops, tank tops etc, anything where my thighs or the tops of my arms could be seen. I didn’t want to go on holiday this year because I didn’t want to have to deal with swimming attire. I have been living in three quarte length jeans, however in this English heat wave I am too hot but my lack of body confidence is preventing me from showing more skin.
This is something men suffer with as well. I know my brother hates his lack of arm muscles and so hates just wearing t-shirts. My dad didn’t go in the pool when my parents went on holiday due to feeling uncomfortable.
The sad thing is that I am actually better than I used to be! A few years ago I would literally cover up as if it was autumn and wish the summer away. I hated the fact people would be able to see as a sixteen year old female I did in fact have somewhat of a chest. I have got over that one know though.
2. Sweating!
I swear I can’t go on an outing without getting drenched in sweat! I don’t bother wearing light colours being I don’t want it to show (the layers I wear to cover up my body probably doesn’t help) Also for women boob sweat is just unfair!
3. Lack of sleep at night.
This is just getting ridiculous now! British houses are not equipped for heat, with no air conditioning and houses designed to keep in heat, I am dying every night with a pathetic fan.
4. Chafing.
This happens to everyone of all sizes and is not something to be embarrassed by. My mum always wears cycling shorts under dresses and even my dad has worn them under shorts before. The pain is not fun so remember to use creams if necessary before a long outing.
5. Bugs.
I open my window for a second and there’s a new habitat in my bedroom. I cant deal with fly’s especially in the kitchen. How on earth does one prevent them from getting in? With all this technology there must be some contraption to keep them out.
6. Inability to tan.
I don’t tan at all but again probably due to a lack of skin showing. My dad just burns and my brother gets sun stoke very easily.
7. The body hair just keeps coming back!
Its the time of year where no amount of shaving and waxing seems to give you smooth legs. I cant wait for autumn where I don’t have to bother for six months.
I hope you enjoyed this and could relate to some! Seriously please check out Lucy’s video and content she keeps it real!

Eleanor Elizabeth xx

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Hey! For me this blog is a creative outlet whilst I am studying at university. I write about university mishaps, fashion, lifestyle etc. At 20, I can't promise great life advice, however maybe you could grasp what not to do.

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