Nasty Gal Review!

After watching the entire series of Girl Boss on Netflix ( would recommend by the way) I decided to give Nasty Gal a look online. Unfortunately for my bank account there was a dangerous combination of a summer sale and really cool clothes. This resulted in a hefty order ( for my bank account).

The website is really easy to use and they often have deals and discount codes. I got my delivery next day for some money off and it actually arrived next day! I’ve ordered from asos next day and it’s only arrived a few days later. Super impressed by the delivery.

Everything arrived in a nice nasty gal bag and everything individually wrapped. My last boohoo order arrived all ripped up!

I ordered a black floral wrap dress in size small and I’m in love! It’s not too see through and the size is ok. I do have to say I wish they did it in an xs but I just have to wear a bando with it. I think this dress could be worn in summer and autumn. As you can see I styled it with a leather jacket and black boots. This dress was £26 but I think for a statement piece it’s worth it.


I aso ordered some Jewelry to try. The Jewelry was all reduced so I picked up two checkers both star themed of course. I’ve never worn chockers before but I thought for party’s they would be great. The silver necklace was £4 and the gold £7. Definitely the quality is better in the more expensive one, it’s heavier. I can’t wait to wear these at uni.

How could I do an online shop and not pick up a t-shirt? I’ve been searching for statement band tees and came across this one for around £6 I think. It was definitely less than £10. I ordered a size M so it would be oversized and I’m again very impressed. The quality is lovely and the print looks as though it will last a while. A very easy statement tee with jeans.


Lastly I looked at the shoes. Now, I have been lusting after the Stella McCartney platform shoes for a while and couldn’t not give them a go! Plus the couldn’t have been more for me, they have stars on them!! The are obviously not for everyone but I love them. I ordered my normal size 5 and they fit perfectly well. The quality isn’t amazing but I knew they weren’t going to be an everyday shoe so i didn’t mind. They were £24.


I am so happy with my order and will definitely be ordering from Nasty Gal again!

The only negative would be the lack if individual sizing.

Thanks for reading!

Eleanor Elizabeth xx

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