How To Maintain A (Somewhat) Healthy Lifestyle As A Student!

So going to university probably means, more drinking, take outs and a messed up sleeping pattern, coupled with no spare time. Hence, it is natural to put on weight in your first year and I would say that your happiness and social life should be your priority in your first year! However, I know for me that I let my ‘healthy lifestyle’ relax for the first few months but when I started to feel sluggish and unfit I struggled to feel confident when I went out. I managed to turn it around relatively quickly so that now I am fitter and stronger than ever and I am very happy with my lifestyle and it is still easy and student friendly to maintain. Hope these tips help you.


  1. Online workouts. 

If like me you can not afford a gym, everyday I do some YouTube workouts. I do one for arms, abs and butt. Then for cardio, I either do a circuit consisting of jumping jacks, skipping and burpees or I go for a run. I love blogalaties personally and emi wong.

2. Ditch Fizzy Drinks Every Other Week. 

Let water be your new best friend.

3. Choose Your Alcohol Wisely. 

Perhaps mix your drinks with juice instead of fizzy drinks and avoid wine and beer and stick to spirits.

4. Walk Everywhere. 

5. Sports Societies 

An obvious.

6. Don’t buy junk food in multipacks. 

By this I mean, when you do your weekly shop, don’t buy junk foods that will take you a while too get through because then you will be having say one of those chocolate bars or packets of crisps everyday. If you are desperate for junk food you will have to walk to a shop and only buy one packet to curb your craving then and there.

7. Add A Fruit Or Vegetable To Every Meal. 

Bananas and apples will last longer then berries.



Hope this helped!

Eleanor Elizabeth

Autumn Recipes.

One reason why autumn is my favourite time of year is thanks too the food at this time of year. Whilst I am not good in the kitchen at all, most of these do not need talent and to be honest, my favourite autumn foods are comfort foods which are ready made.


  1. Apple Pie.
  2. Hot Chocolate with chocolate cookies.
  3. Pumpkin Pie.
  4. Soups with warm white bead with melted butter.
  5. Porridge, melted bananas and peanut butter.
  6. Stew with dumplings.
  7. Cinnamon Buns.
  8. Gingerbread men.
  9. Tosties.
  10. Bailies.

Hope you enjoyed this post! What are your favourite autumn recipes?

Eleanor Elizabeth xx

My Fall Traditions.

My favourite time of year is fast approaching, AUTUMN! I have always been a winter over summer person and love all the traditions that autumn brings with it. Here are my autumn traditions, they might be basic but highly necessary in order for it to feel like autumn.


  1. Bake and eat an abundance of Apple Pie.
  2. Pumpkin Pie.
  3. Decorate excessively for Halloween.
  4. Watch a sufficient number of Horror movies in order to feel spooked out.
  5. Carve a Pumpkin.
  6. Make homemade soup.
  7. Buy multiple flavours of Hot Chocolate.
  8. Hats, scarfs and gloves with every outfit.
  9. Dark lipsticks.
  10. Bonfire Night with toffee apples and fireworks.
  11. leaves and long, cold walks with the dog.
  12. Jumpers and cosy clothes.
  13. Rainy mornings.
  14. Frost on the grass.
  15. Football.
  16. The Great British Bake Off.
  17. Scented Candles.
  18. Teen movies on sick days.
  19. Warm dinners.

Eleanor Elizabeth xx

What I Eat In A Day As A Teenage Girl.

Hopefully these posts will reassure others that what they eat in a day is perfectly okay. No I am not a vegan or vegetarian, no I don’t drink enough water and I probably don’t get enough nutrients and I probably have too much sugar but you know what if Keith Richards is still alive, I’m pretty sure some ice cream is not going to kill me.
I have struggled with bad eating habits for a while and recently I have started to let myself eat what I want and when. I hope this list will reassure you that you don’t have to eat three very healthy and small meals in a day to have a healthy lifestyle. It is all about moderation.

I always wake up hungry so I after a cup of tea I had some porridge, peanut butter and banana with another cup of tea.
Orange juice, crumpet with butter.
Toasted bagel with butter and a cup of tea with two biscuits.
I also had some Greek yogurt with some fruit.

Roast dinner but I don’t actually like beef so I had cabbage, swede and carrot, broccoli, three roast potatoes, one Yorkshire pudding with loads of gravy obviously!
Chocolate ice cream and a cup of tea,
After some exercise, I was hungry so I had a bowl of cereal and an apple with a cup of tea.
That was my day of eating, like I said I am trying not to restrict or count what I eat and on days where I don’t I often find I eat when I’m actually hungry and finish when I am satisfied.

It doesn’t matter if you eat more or less, as long as you are eating enough to fuel your lifestyle.
Eleanor Elizabeth x

How TO Glow Up!

I am sure we have all had those days where you literally feel like you look rubbish. Yesterday was one of those days for me and I started off the evening almost crying about how low I felt about myself. I had a day of binge eating (I didn’t know I could consume that much food), I didn’t do any exercise, my hair was unwashed, my skin was bad and in general I just felt like a lump.
Naturally, I decided to get into bed with food because by this point I had given up trying not to binge eat and I let myself watch a sad movie to cry and called it a day.
Today however, I started afresh. Here are some of my glow up tips.
1. Start the day with healthy food.
Even if you slip up on healthy food later on in the day at least your breakfast was healthy. Also you are more likely to carry on eating healthily. I went for porridge and a banana.
2. Have a heavy duty shower.
For me this involved washing my hair (what a difference that makes!). I exfoliated my patchy tan off, shaved and moisturized.
3. Paint your nails.
I went for red just because I wanted to feel badass.
4. Workout.
Every body is different but every body needs exercise. Whether that is too lose weight for yourself, gaining weight, toning up etc moving your body will make you feel happier and you will look amazing doing it.
5. Change your hair.
For me, I’m going to dye my hair blonder and grow it out. Changing your hair will make you feel like a new person and can be the perfect start to a new you.
6. Wax.
Go to a salon and get a wax (legs, upper lip, underarms, bikini etc). Body hair is a personal choice of course but for me, when I have just waxed my legs for example I always feel better and want to wear more dresses and skirts.
7. Eyebrows.
Go get your eyebrows done professionally, this will make your makeup a lot easier or will allow you to go makeup free. It can really do wonders. I either go to benefit of Superdrug.
8. Werk, werk, werk.
Whether that is focusing more at school, work, or at your hobby. Do what you have to do to get what you want. Grind hard and be an Elle Woods.
9. Change your wardrobe.
Order the clothes that have been in the shopping basket for months. Go out of your comfort zone, find fashion inspiration and wear what you want. Most importantly though remember to include clothes that flatten your shape.
10. Invest in lingerie.
A few weeks ago I ordered myself some Victoria’s Secret underwear and it has been life changing. Get measured and make sure you feel sexy, just for yourself.
11. Whiten your teeth.
12. Fake tan.
I love Bondi Sands in ultra dark.
13. Clean your room.
Update your bedroom, house, office, car etc. Make sure the environments you are spending your time in are allowing you to be creative and happy. You change as a person, consequently the environments around you should allow you to grow.
14. Revaluate your personality.
Be the person you want to be, if people around you are holding you back they need to be removed from your life. Your future self will thank you.
I hope this helped. It’s okay not to feel happy with yourself as long as you use that to change. It would be useless to say that you shouldn’t feel that way because every one does and that doesn’t make you weak or mentally unstable, it makes you a human in the 21st century. Improving your appearance can make you feel better, it may sound self centred but that is reality. If it will help you, do it.
Eleanor Elizabeth xx

Five Hidden Secrets Of London.

London is the place where I feel my happiest and most creative. I grew up in a town where literally nothing happens. It’s a poor area that is neither near a city nor a countryside. However, fortunately for me, I have family that live in London so I visited London at least once a year growing up. I hope to live in London one day or at least in a city.

Since I have family in London they often take me to new places that I’ve never heard about but they often end up being the best places and not a tourist trap. Here are a few hidden London secrets.

1. Level 6 Restaurant.
This restaurant is within the Tate art museum and so is a perfect break. The best part about this restaurant Is the views. It has full length widows and an amazing view of St. Paul’s Cathedral and the city. It’s not the cheapest but a lovely experience.
Level 6

2. Maison Bertaux.
This is a bakery in Soho, established in 1871 and has a lovely old fashioned feel. You can sit inside or out whilst you enjoy rich French deserts. Definitely worth a visit for a sugar fix whist in Soho.


3. Foyles.
Established in 1903, this is one of the oldest independent book shops in London. They have opened a café in the back which hosts live bands and events. How could you not go to London and check out a book shop. I could spend hours in this book shop.

4. The Gate Cinema.
This is a small art house cinema. The interiors however are elaborate, with high callings and sofas. They show a wide range from independent films, opera , ballet and even live theatre.

5. Viktor Wynd Museum Of Curiosities.
This is a museum which hosts fine art, natural histories, unusual and grotesque objects. Perfect for kids as weird doesn’t even describe the objects in this museum. A must see.

So there you have five hidden secrets of London. Next time you visit, maybe check one out.
Eleanor Elizabeth xx