Roaccutane Diary- Week 1. My Skin Care Routine.

So on Monday I started my first month on Isotretinoin, more commonly known as roaccutane.

I have included these pictures of my skin at the start of the treatment for myself to look back on and hopefully my skin gradulay improve. These pictures were extremely hard for me to include but hopefully it will make others feel better about their skin.




So far so good, I have obviously seen no side effects. This includes improvements but also the more negative side effects such as dry skin. However I have invested in a new skin care routine based on Katie Snooks recommendations. 

I will link her YouTube video here as her documentation and advice on rouaccutane has helped me greatly.

Katie Snooks Advice.

Katie Snooks Skin Care Routine.


Skin Care I have purchased:

  • Dermol 500 Lotion (as a face wash) Available at a chemist. £10
  • Dermol Cream (as a moisturiser) Available at a chemist. £11.10
  • La Roche- Posey Anthelios Pocket Sun cream SPF 50.(as a SPF) Available at Boots but it is much cheaper from lookfantastic. £10
  • Carmex (as lipbalm)
  • Hand Cream
  • Body Moisturiser

So that’s all I have to update you on, I know I have a long way to go but at least it is a start.

Eleanor Elizabeth xx

Skin Update- Not Good!

The Struggle Of Having Acne And The Effect On Your Mental Health.

Skin Update- Not Good!

Quick update:


So three months after being referred to a demonologist I was finally prescribed roaccutane. Now whilst this is the outcome I wanted, I did not realise how difficult this drug would be.

It turns out I have to go back to the doctors every month to do a pregnancy test in order to receive my next batch of tablets as I only receive a months worth.

However, I also have to go back home to do a blood test a week before this appointment!

Therefore twice a month I have to travel home from university via the useless northern rail. I am not even sure how I am going to afford all the train tickets. It will also mean I will miss university lectures and seminars.

I thought about not going through with it however when I was in the hospital and went to the pregnancy test in the bathroom I looked in the mirror to see if my skin was ‘that bad’ and honestly I took one look and started crying. I know that I need to go through this (hopefully for five months only), not for vanity but for my mental health.

I start it on Monday tomorrow and I’m nervous for the side effects. Apparently it really dries out your skin which I know I will be conscious of and it can affect your moods.

I just need to get through this and hopefully I will end up with the skin I can’t even remember having- blemish free.

Eleanor Elizabeth xx

How To Maintain A (Somewhat) Healthy Lifestyle As A Student!

So going to university probably means, more drinking, take outs and a messed up sleeping pattern, coupled with no spare time. Hence, it is natural to put on weight in your first year and I would say that your happiness and social life should be your priority in your first year! However, I know for me that I let my ‘healthy lifestyle’ relax for the first few months but when I started to feel sluggish and unfit I struggled to feel confident when I went out. I managed to turn it around relatively quickly so that now I am fitter and stronger than ever and I am very happy with my lifestyle and it is still easy and student friendly to maintain. Hope these tips help you.


  1. Online workouts. 

If like me you can not afford a gym, everyday I do some YouTube workouts. I do one for arms, abs and butt. Then for cardio, I either do a circuit consisting of jumping jacks, skipping and burpees or I go for a run. I love blogalaties personally and emi wong.

2. Ditch Fizzy Drinks Every Other Week. 

Let water be your new best friend.

3. Choose Your Alcohol Wisely. 

Perhaps mix your drinks with juice instead of fizzy drinks and avoid wine and beer and stick to spirits.

4. Walk Everywhere. 

5. Sports Societies 

An obvious.

6. Don’t buy junk food in multipacks. 

By this I mean, when you do your weekly shop, don’t buy junk foods that will take you a while too get through because then you will be having say one of those chocolate bars or packets of crisps everyday. If you are desperate for junk food you will have to walk to a shop and only buy one packet to curb your craving then and there.

7. Add A Fruit Or Vegetable To Every Meal. 

Bananas and apples will last longer then berries.



Hope this helped!

Eleanor Elizabeth

How To Always Look Put Together!

I know how it feels too scroll through Instagram and look at beautiful girls who seem to have their life together and you end up feeling like a piece of shit! So I decided to change my lifestyle so that no matter how late/ lazy I am that day I still feel good and confident in myself, for myself.

I always think the Olsen Twins look effortlessly put together and I hope to be able to achieve that look one day.


  1. Low Maintenance Haircut.
  2. Teeth whitening kits.
  3. Get your eyebrows done professionally.
  4. Eyelash extensions.
  5. Lip balm.
  6. Clean nails or freshly painted (no chipped nails)
  7. Nice simple jewellery that is not tarnished.
  8. Statement items in your wardrobe, eg, shoes, belts, coats.
  9. If you don’t have anything to wear- go to your gym wear.
  10. Sunglasses.
  11. Chewing gum.
  12. Have an emergency kit in your bag.
  13. Don’t wear shoes you can not walk in.
  14. Don’t wear an outfit that you don’t feel confident in or else you will constantly fidget.
  15. Matching socks.
  16. Underwear that doesn’t have holes in it and actually fits.

This was just a short post but these tips do make me feel so much more confident and put together! Hope they help you.

Eleanor Elizabeth xx


It is okay to be shy! I wish I had known that sooner!

If you are like me, parents evening consisted of going from teacher to teacher telling my parents that I was ‘too quiet’ and that I needed to ‘speak up more’ and ask questions and answer questions. HOW POINTLESS!

Yes I know the answer and no I am not being lazy, at that time in my life I did not feel confident in my ability to answer correctly or I speak in front of the class. Everyone learns differently and it’s often the quiet ones who actually are learning because they are listening to the lesson.

This was often the only criticism I would receive and so I associated me being shy as a bad trait of mine. As I have grown up I have realised that just because I am not obnoxious and loud that does not mean you have to change. I have also realised that you don’t have to label your self as an introvert. For example, I like meeting new people and I like going to parties but I still don’t speak up in seminars at uni. You are not just one personality type.

Instead of being labelled shy I like too think of it as being reserved. I might not be that annoying loud person who tells you my life story five minutes after meeting you and that’s okay.

I always think the reserved people are the best anyway, they observe. It took me a long time too not hate being ‘shy’, now I think being reserved adds mystery. You are the dark horse, you don’t give anything away because you don’t need too.

Unfortunately the loud people are often overcompensating for something they want to hind. The silly kid in class was just trying too get attention because they didn’t receive any at home. You on the other hand are quietly confident, you don’t need to be the centre of attention because you know that you are a good person who has their priorities straight.

Furthermore, I hate it when people say it too my face like, ‘your shy’ or ‘don’t be shy’, wow thanks you cured me. The reason I am not talking too you is because I observed you and realised you are not worth talking too, thanks goodbye. Funny-ecard-People-think-im-shy

I hope you related too this and I hope you enjoyed reading!

Eleanor Elizabeth xx

How To Have A Productive Day!

How To Have A Productive Day:
Personally I am the kind of person who can only be productive when I am busy. Give me two tasks to do and it will take me ten times longer than if I had ten tasks. However, it does mean that no matter how many things I have too do I know that I will get it done somehow.
When I do get into a procrastination slump I take a day to get my shit together, normally its on a Sunday, I have dedicated Sunday as my ‘Get my shit done day’. I go through several steps to get my shit together and I’m willing to share the magic so here we go…


1. Sort Yourself Out!
The night before or in the morning give yourself a pamper. Yes that’s right treat yourself. Do a face mask, paint your nails, put fake tan on, shave, wash your hair, moisturize do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel good about yourself. This also includes your mental health as well! Take the day before to get your head in a destressed place. I like to watch old YouTube videos that put me in a cosy and peaceful place, for me I watch Tanya Burr’s Vlogmas videos. Take the day to let go and relax.
2. What Do You Actually Have To Do?
Make a list of absolutely everything you have to do with the deadlines next to each one. Split this list into work, social and home. For example work may be to plan your presentation, home may be order a new dishwasher and social may be get your friends birthday present.
This may at first look intimidating but from here it becomes easy. You need to prioritise the tasks with the closest deadline. If you have deadlines that are very close together, you need to temporarily move them so that you get some of them completed early.
3. Wake Up!
Wake up early, have a healthy breakfast and just start your work. Personally if I give myself chance to relax in the morning, I’m just not moving for the rest of the day.
4. Five Things A Day.
So no matter how productive you are in a day, there is only so much you can do to a good standard. Study’s say an effective way is to give yourself five tasks to do within a day. Mix your work, home and social tasks for each day. You should try and choose two big tasks and three medium to small takes. That way you shouldn’t be too overwhelmed in the morning, especially if you acknowledge bug tasks need to be balanced with very small ones. Try and plan this the day before.
5. Get Away From Distraction.
This could be banning yourself from social media or if you work from home, going to work in a coffee shop or office. Acknowledge what distracts you and get rid!
6. Gain Inspiration.
I find, if I’m not feeling inspired or creative that is the cause of my procrastination. Therefore I need to tackle this before I try and complete my work.
7. Find The Cause!
Why are you procrastination? Following on from the point above, you need to discover why you are putting tasks off. Is it because you actually have no interest in them, in that case you need to have a think about what you are doing with your time/job.
8. Get Help.
Some tasks are menial or time consuming that you just haven’t got round to doing but it is really annoying you. In that case, ask someone for a favour and in the future you can return a favour. Sometimes you have to admit you are struggling for anything to improve.

There you have it! My tips for having a productive day whilst you get your shit together. Do you have any other tips?
Eleanor Elizabeth x

Summer Struggles Everyone Goes Through!

The struggle of summer is real for all body types and genders. Recently I have seen a surge in refreshing and positive content on YouTube, specifically from Lucy Woods, who has brought up the struggle of summer for plus size women. Her videos have touched on the struggle of chafing, shorts that rise up to the Gods, sweat patches and being self conscious of bingo wings.
I would definitely recommend you watch this video in particular as it perfectly captures what most women go through in summer.Personally I don’t experience all the problems as I don’t think I would be considered plus size however I can relate to most.
I am sure no matter what size you are, male of female, I am sure you will be able to relate to some of these summer problems.

1. Felling self conscious about your body but being too hot to cover up.

Even as someone who is of a smaller build I never wear shorts, crop tops, low cut tops, tank tops etc, anything where my thighs or the tops of my arms could be seen. I didn’t want to go on holiday this year because I didn’t want to have to deal with swimming attire. I have been living in three quarte length jeans, however in this English heat wave I am too hot but my lack of body confidence is preventing me from showing more skin.
This is something men suffer with as well. I know my brother hates his lack of arm muscles and so hates just wearing t-shirts. My dad didn’t go in the pool when my parents went on holiday due to feeling uncomfortable.
The sad thing is that I am actually better than I used to be! A few years ago I would literally cover up as if it was autumn and wish the summer away. I hated the fact people would be able to see as a sixteen year old female I did in fact have somewhat of a chest. I have got over that one know though.
2. Sweating!
I swear I can’t go on an outing without getting drenched in sweat! I don’t bother wearing light colours being I don’t want it to show (the layers I wear to cover up my body probably doesn’t help) Also for women boob sweat is just unfair!
3. Lack of sleep at night.
This is just getting ridiculous now! British houses are not equipped for heat, with no air conditioning and houses designed to keep in heat, I am dying every night with a pathetic fan.
4. Chafing.
This happens to everyone of all sizes and is not something to be embarrassed by. My mum always wears cycling shorts under dresses and even my dad has worn them under shorts before. The pain is not fun so remember to use creams if necessary before a long outing.
5. Bugs.
I open my window for a second and there’s a new habitat in my bedroom. I cant deal with fly’s especially in the kitchen. How on earth does one prevent them from getting in? With all this technology there must be some contraption to keep them out.
6. Inability to tan.
I don’t tan at all but again probably due to a lack of skin showing. My dad just burns and my brother gets sun stoke very easily.
7. The body hair just keeps coming back!
Its the time of year where no amount of shaving and waxing seems to give you smooth legs. I cant wait for autumn where I don’t have to bother for six months.
I hope you enjoyed this and could relate to some! Seriously please check out Lucy’s video and content she keeps it real!

Eleanor Elizabeth xx