My First Week As A Second Year At University.

Honestly, the first two days were shit. This wasn’t due to any particular reason, it was just overwhelming to hear about essay deadlines and the fact I have seminars every week. I’m still not feeling that motivated to do any work and it’s not because I have no work, I think the prospect of all the work I have to do this term is overwhelming.

I have had one seminar so far, in which I found out I will have to do two presentations and the people in my group had already started reading!! Why do people do reading before hand? How do they know what the topic is about?

As usual though, the non work side of uni I really enjoyed. I went out on Tuesday because I was already done with the week. On Wednesday I went to my friends house for dinner and on Thursday I went to a rugby taster session and to my surprise I actually enjoyed it. I was shocking at catching the ball but I was lifted into the air (and panicked) but it was fun.

Friday night, I think I’m going to have noodles for dinner and potentially go out, not for too late though as I have actual seminars next week where reading has to be done.

On Saturday, we are have a house party for our college kids, hopefully that will be fun and I’m sure Sunday will be a recovery day.


Eleanor Elizabeth xx

Photoshoot With My Friend- My New Project On Instagram.

How To Maintain A (Somewhat) Healthy Lifestyle As A Student!

So going to university probably means, more drinking, take outs and a messed up sleeping pattern, coupled with no spare time. Hence, it is natural to put on weight in your first year and I would say that your happiness and social life should be your priority in your first year! However, I know for me that I let my ‘healthy lifestyle’ relax for the first few months but when I started to feel sluggish and unfit I struggled to feel confident when I went out. I managed to turn it around relatively quickly so that now I am fitter and stronger than ever and I am very happy with my lifestyle and it is still easy and student friendly to maintain. Hope these tips help you.


  1. Online workouts. 

If like me you can not afford a gym, everyday I do some YouTube workouts. I do one for arms, abs and butt. Then for cardio, I either do a circuit consisting of jumping jacks, skipping and burpees or I go for a run. I love blogalaties personally and emi wong.

2. Ditch Fizzy Drinks Every Other Week. 

Let water be your new best friend.

3. Choose Your Alcohol Wisely. 

Perhaps mix your drinks with juice instead of fizzy drinks and avoid wine and beer and stick to spirits.

4. Walk Everywhere. 

5. Sports Societies 

An obvious.

6. Don’t buy junk food in multipacks. 

By this I mean, when you do your weekly shop, don’t buy junk foods that will take you a while too get through because then you will be having say one of those chocolate bars or packets of crisps everyday. If you are desperate for junk food you will have to walk to a shop and only buy one packet to curb your craving then and there.

7. Add A Fruit Or Vegetable To Every Meal. 

Bananas and apples will last longer then berries.



Hope this helped!

Eleanor Elizabeth

Old Hollywood Stars: Mary Pickford.

There were no movie stars in Hollywood before Mary Pickford (1892-1979) came along. Born in Canada and raised as a child stage actor, Pickford and her family moved to Manhattan so she could make it on Broadway. After her last play closed in 1909, Pickford decided to try out the motion pictures and landed a small part with D.W Griffith’s short-film company Biograph. Exhibiting a phenomenally dedicated work ethic, Pickford acted in fifty-one short films during her first year with Biograph. She created the various yet sassy girl-next-door archetype that would make her a household name.

Exotic Mary

Before she came along, there were no actor credits in films for fear of inflating egos and salaries. Pickford knew her value, though, and made sure those credits appeared- and in the process, invented the Hollywood star. She studio jumped, each time getting a substantial pay rise equal to the highest-paid male star’s, until she became the first actor in history to become a millionaire. Then Pickford pulled the ultimate power play: she formed her own studio, United Artists, with her husband, Douglas Fairbanks, and their best friend, Charlie Chaplin and D.W Griffith. As Americas first movie sweetheart, Pickford was savvy enough to leave her name off the executive producer and director credits in order to play to the public’s perception of her sweet, innocent young girl, but industry insiders knew that she called all the shots.


Pickford won her first Academy Award in her first talkie, Coquette. She also used her star power for philanthropy, selling eighteen billion dollars in Liberty Bonds during WW1, confounding the Motion Picture Relief Fund, and establishing a foundation that still supports the preservation of film and provides scholarships for education today. She essentially invented star power. 

Mary Pickford - Ziegfeld - c. 1920s - by Alfred Cheney Johnston

Hope you enjoyed!

Eleanor Elizabeth xx

Wardrobe Essentials Everyone Needs.

As someone who likes statement pieces in my wardrobe and I am y no means a minimalist I do have basic items that I always go back too. Basic pieces can really help finish an outfit through simplicity and practicality.

Here are my wardrobe essentials that get used in every outfit. They may sound boring and simple but they are so necessary!

Wardrobe Essentials.png

  1. Basic white and black t-shirts. 

The fit depends on your personal preference. I prefer oversized tees to tuck into jeans but I also have tighter fitted ones. Think about the neck line and how low cut they are as well. Whilst you will be able to find these t-shirts anywhere, pay attention to the quality, you don’t want a white tee that you can see through. These simple pieces are really something to invest in.

2. Well fitted jeans in staple colours. 

I think skinny jeans is a classic shape that you will always be able to pull off, however I could not be without my straight legged jeans. Find a fit you feel comfortable in! Personally I would say the essential colours would be black and dark blue but I think grey is a third essential.

3. Vest tops. 

These can provide extra warmth or prevent everyone being able to see your bra. I have one in black, white and nude. I would recommend the ones from Primark, super cheap.

4. Underwear. 

Over the years I have really invested in underwear and it has definitely paid off, having different styles and colours means you are never caught off guard with a awkward outfit. I would say colour wise white, black and nude is a must for practicality. In terms of styles, that is really a personal preference, buy the style you feels comfortable and confident in. Finally for awkward outfits I like having a stick on bra, strapless and push up bra so that I am always prepared. Nipple stickers are also cheap and good to have just in case. Shape wear may also be useful, along with cycling shorts for summer dresses. Plus black and nude coloured tights are useful!

5.  Stripy t-shirt. 

6. Basic shoes.

In this category I would say you want shoes that go with multiple outfits. For me, I always pair my outfits with black boots (healed and flat), black heals or simple white or black trainers/ converse.

7. Jackets. 

Simple staples for me is a  black leather jacket or a denim jacket. I always think having pockets is essential in a jacket.

8. Oversized hoodie. 

9. Staple jewellery. 

I would always invest in fine jewellery (gold or silver) so that it doesn’t tarnish. Simple rings, earrings and a necklace will be useful. The best accessory should be your watch.

10. Handbag. 

Think about your lifestyle, do you need a big bag so you can fit your laptop in it or will a cross body bag fit the purpose?

11. Sunglasses.

12. Belt.

13. Little black dress. 

14. A matching gym outfit. 

For the days you just cannot be bothered too face.



Hope this simple and relatively short list helps your outfits.

Is there any other pieces that help your outfits? Please let me know.

Eleanor Elizabeth x

How To Always Look Put Together!

I know how it feels too scroll through Instagram and look at beautiful girls who seem to have their life together and you end up feeling like a piece of shit! So I decided to change my lifestyle so that no matter how late/ lazy I am that day I still feel good and confident in myself, for myself.

I always think the Olsen Twins look effortlessly put together and I hope to be able to achieve that look one day.


  1. Low Maintenance Haircut.
  2. Teeth whitening kits.
  3. Get your eyebrows done professionally.
  4. Eyelash extensions.
  5. Lip balm.
  6. Clean nails or freshly painted (no chipped nails)
  7. Nice simple jewellery that is not tarnished.
  8. Statement items in your wardrobe, eg, shoes, belts, coats.
  9. If you don’t have anything to wear- go to your gym wear.
  10. Sunglasses.
  11. Chewing gum.
  12. Have an emergency kit in your bag.
  13. Don’t wear shoes you can not walk in.
  14. Don’t wear an outfit that you don’t feel confident in or else you will constantly fidget.
  15. Matching socks.
  16. Underwear that doesn’t have holes in it and actually fits.

This was just a short post but these tips do make me feel so much more confident and put together! Hope they help you.

Eleanor Elizabeth xx

Essential University Clothes And Outfits You Will Need!

When I went into my first year at university last year I did not have a clue what clothes I should take or how much. Now, everything depends on individual factors for your university, shuch as the amount of storage you have in your room and the weather conditions. If you are moving North, especially Manchester, it will rain so bring waterproofs. If you are going further North, it will snow so bring thermals and boots that have grip.
These are a few clothing items I found myself buying before Christmas which cut into my money for the week so might be helpful for you to take before hand.
Fancy Dress.

white jumper
1. Freshers week especially!

Fancy dress will become so useful and most societies and parties will involve you wearing some form. Maybe arrive will two outfits, the sillier and more over the top the better.
2. Socially Expectable Workout Clothes.
This might be surprising at uni but if you join a sports society this will be needed. At home I workout in pyjamas in my room so when I went to uni I had to invest in the whole outfits. Plus if you buy nice matching ones you can wear it all day and go straight to your activity.
3. Formal dresses.
At my uni we have a few formals every term so it was annoying to have to buy nice dresses every time. Next year I’m going to arrive with formal dresses to save the hassle.
4. Night Out Clothes.
This all depends on your uni nightlife but most probably for uni nights out you probably won’t have to get very dressed up. I just wear trainers will jeans or a skirt and a t-shirt. This is something you will find out when you get there but take some nice tops and maybe one outfit you could dress up if other people do.
5. Weather Appropriate Clothing.
Again, I moved further north and did not take into account just how cold (-6) and how much snow I would get. I had to invest in snow boots, thermals etc.
6. Everyday Clothes.
Honestly you don’t need to invest in this section. To lectures and everyday outings everyone just wears hoodies to be honest. If you went to a college, the clothes you wore there are perfectly fine. I took some more jumpers and coats because I knew it would be colder but apart from that at 9am lectures nobody is looking their best.
7. Shoes.
Again, especially if your uni is a city uni and not a campus, I can ensure you heals just do not exist. I am only taking one pair of black heals next year for formals and balls. Trainers and flats will become your best friend.
There we have my uni outfit essentials! Thanks for reading.
If you have any other advice please let me know in the comments!
Eleanor Elizabeth xx

How To Have A Productive Day!

How To Have A Productive Day:
Personally I am the kind of person who can only be productive when I am busy. Give me two tasks to do and it will take me ten times longer than if I had ten tasks. However, it does mean that no matter how many things I have too do I know that I will get it done somehow.
When I do get into a procrastination slump I take a day to get my shit together, normally its on a Sunday, I have dedicated Sunday as my ‘Get my shit done day’. I go through several steps to get my shit together and I’m willing to share the magic so here we go…


1. Sort Yourself Out!
The night before or in the morning give yourself a pamper. Yes that’s right treat yourself. Do a face mask, paint your nails, put fake tan on, shave, wash your hair, moisturize do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel good about yourself. This also includes your mental health as well! Take the day before to get your head in a destressed place. I like to watch old YouTube videos that put me in a cosy and peaceful place, for me I watch Tanya Burr’s Vlogmas videos. Take the day to let go and relax.
2. What Do You Actually Have To Do?
Make a list of absolutely everything you have to do with the deadlines next to each one. Split this list into work, social and home. For example work may be to plan your presentation, home may be order a new dishwasher and social may be get your friends birthday present.
This may at first look intimidating but from here it becomes easy. You need to prioritise the tasks with the closest deadline. If you have deadlines that are very close together, you need to temporarily move them so that you get some of them completed early.
3. Wake Up!
Wake up early, have a healthy breakfast and just start your work. Personally if I give myself chance to relax in the morning, I’m just not moving for the rest of the day.
4. Five Things A Day.
So no matter how productive you are in a day, there is only so much you can do to a good standard. Study’s say an effective way is to give yourself five tasks to do within a day. Mix your work, home and social tasks for each day. You should try and choose two big tasks and three medium to small takes. That way you shouldn’t be too overwhelmed in the morning, especially if you acknowledge bug tasks need to be balanced with very small ones. Try and plan this the day before.
5. Get Away From Distraction.
This could be banning yourself from social media or if you work from home, going to work in a coffee shop or office. Acknowledge what distracts you and get rid!
6. Gain Inspiration.
I find, if I’m not feeling inspired or creative that is the cause of my procrastination. Therefore I need to tackle this before I try and complete my work.
7. Find The Cause!
Why are you procrastination? Following on from the point above, you need to discover why you are putting tasks off. Is it because you actually have no interest in them, in that case you need to have a think about what you are doing with your time/job.
8. Get Help.
Some tasks are menial or time consuming that you just haven’t got round to doing but it is really annoying you. In that case, ask someone for a favour and in the future you can return a favour. Sometimes you have to admit you are struggling for anything to improve.

There you have it! My tips for having a productive day whilst you get your shit together. Do you have any other tips?
Eleanor Elizabeth x