The Struggle Of Having Acne And The Effect On Your Mental Health.

I honestly can not remember the last time I looked into a mirror and looked at my eyes first. It’s as if my eyes are trained to hunt down my spots. Where are the new ones because I know there will be some? Have the old ones scared? Yes they have, they are now turning grey. Great.

white jumper
I’ve tried inhaling water like it’s oxygen. I’ve gone dairy free, tried every drugstore product, plastered my face with creams, stingy potions and lotions, toothpaste, egg whites, everything.
I’ve been to the doctors three times and I’m currently on four tablets a day and still no improvement, in fact it has got worse. I was referred to a dermatologist and now I have to have blood tests and I will begin a course of roaccutane. Whilst I am happy to be going on stronger medication, it just confirms how bad my skin is. I’m scared it will mess with my hormones and my weight.
I can’t leave the house without make up, even though my skin probably looks just as bad plastered in foundation. I know when I talk to people they are looking at my skin, I can see their eyeballs trace over my face. I get an instant pang in my chest.
Whilst this may all sound very depressing, I think people with acne will relate. You see other peoples skin and it just looks so lovely, fresh and young.
I get frustrated at the content that tells you how to clear your skin in a week because years later I’m here with a face still covered in acne. Sometimes they don’t work for everyone, so don’t worry your not the only one.
I’m a little bit scared of the new medication to be honest but if there’s a chance I will work I will take it.
Eleanor Elizabeth xx
(p.s this was written late at night after a bad self confidence day, so its more to get it off my chest)

The Perfect Airport Outfit!

Now to be honest I’m not going on holiday this year but if I were to be going, this is exactly what I would wear.
The art of airport outfits seems to be multiplying on Instagram and I love the outfits. I have seen a lot of Pretty Little Thing Tracksuits in muted colours with trainers.
When travelling I have some rules which make my life much easier.
1. Wear shoes that are easy to get on and off.
2. Don’t wear anything that will set the metal detector off.
3. Wear your hair in plaits or up out of your face. For me, hair down is just hassle.
4. In your carry on bag, put liquids into a plastic bag.
5. Comfort is key! It doesn’t matter if its a ten or two hour flight, you never know, delays may occur.
6. check in online.
7. If your hotel will take your bags to the airport and check them in, do it!
8. Magazines. An essential.
9. If your like me and have a phobia of flying, I watch YouTube videos that claim to cure you of your fear (I swear it worked for me last time) and on the flight I always get a hot chocolate and cookies.
10. Wear layers. You never know the weather or air conditioning. A jacket with pockets is useful.

This jumpsuit from Missguided is perfect! It’s comfortable, loose and has pockets. I tend to wear my converse when traveling because they are comfortable and they are my heaviest shoes so don’t take up weight in the case. I also wear a leather jacket with pockets from Bershka.

Missguided jumpsuit £18. Available in S/M/L Mine is in S and it fits perfectly. ( I’m about 5’4) It’s also in black.

Bershka lether jacket£45.99

Hope this helped!
Eleanor Elizabeth xx

Things You Might Forget To Take To University.

Moving in and starting university is stressful enough, you don’t want to be rushing around trying to get forgotten items on the first week. Here is a short list of items you wouldn’t necessarily think to take but will come in handy. Once results day is over you can look forward to university shopping!

1. Fancy Dress.
Your first week and society initiations will probably involve fancy dress so take a couple of outfits just in case you end up going last minute. The more over the top the better, don’t be scared to make a fool of yourself, most people will be drunk anyway and not remember.

2. Extra cash for freshers week.
To join societies etc you will probably need to pay In cash so save your time and inconvenience and take a little more in your bag.

3. A door stop.
This is really useful for freshers week when you move in, keep your door open so that it will be easy to meet people as they walk past. This is how I met one of my closest friends at university, Ann, she was the first person to walk past my door and see me.

4. Medication.
Freshers flu is real and you will get it. I was ill for two weeks before my mum visited and bought me lem sips. Two days later I felt fine. I don’t know why I didn’t buy myself anything but remember to take care of yourself and take the right kind of drugs.

5. Flip Flops and a wash bag if you are in shared bathrooms.
This will be essential! Please do not forget the flip flops!!! I had to share two showers between seventeen people. That is a lot of feet and god knows what else!

6. Hangers.
If your like me and know you are going to take way to many clothes, take more hangers.

7. Check whether you will be provided with certain furniture.
For example, what size bed? Pillows and duvet? Lamp? Full length mirror?

8. Pins
You will probably have some kind of notice board and this would be an easy thing to forget.

9. Appropriate outdoor clothing for the climate.
Especially if you are moving to Manchester or Liverpool university, it will rain a couple times a week. If your going North, remember the snow!

Hope this helped and if you are moving to university, get ready for an amazing year!!
Eleanor Elizabeth x

What My First Year At University Taught Me.

After completing my first year at Durham university I would say I probably learnt more life lessons than I gained academic knowledge. Money well spent! Seriously though, there is way more to university than a degree, it was definitely the best year of my life so far and I’m so glad I went. If you are hoping to go to university in September or in the future, here are some life lessons I learnt from unfortunate mistakes. Maybe try and learn from these and avoid them, but I’m sure you will make your own mistakes!


1. You can not put foil in a microwave!
Learnt this one the hard way but in the process I got to use a fire extinguisher for the first time. This happened to me within the first week of university but it did get my name heard around the flat.

2. You have to put oil in pans to fry even oily foods.
Again, I tried to fry a banana and ended up hanging out the window with the pan whilst trying not to set the fire alarm off. A lot of my mistakes have been made in the kitchen.

My last formal was probably the lowest point in my drunk history. Me and my friend consumed a bottle of white and half a bottle of rose and it did not end well. I some how got back to my room but I fell off my chair and threw up on my carpet (the smell stayed) and all over the toilet cubical. I was basically dying on the floor. Now I can’t even stand the smell of wine without feeling sick.

4. Flat shoes all the way, it’s the only way to master the art of getting to a lecture in five minutes when it takes fifteen to get there.
Basically, flat shoes, hoodie and run like an idiot because you are paying for it! Moring exercise done.

5. Check the climate.
I’m already Northern but I moved even more north and I did not factor in how much colder it would be. This involved me being bambi on ice for a few weeks until I purchased some boots with a snow grip and a proper coat. If your moving to Manchester or Liverpool, remember it will rain most of the time so bring an umbrella.

6. Bring extra cash for freshers week.
If you want to join societies etc you will have to pay in cash so having a bit extra for the start will save you some time and inconvenience.

7. Don’t bother with an iron.
Okay so I don’t understand why my mum made such a big deal out of ironing everything just hand it flat out and most things will be fine. Also the washing powder makes your room smell nice.

8. Save milk and make porridge and Weetabix with hot water.
Sounds unpleasant but you get used to it and you save milk.

9. Split the reading list.
Find a friend on your course and split the reading list and swap notes. Saves so much time and leave more party time!

10. Don’t be that person.
A cliché but don’t be the person who gets into a relationship with someone on their corridor. My friends did this and it ended very awkwardly for everyone. Try and leave it until after first year.

Hope this was helpful, you probably knew most of these anyway but I stll haven’t mastered adulting, it is hard!

Eleanor Elizabeth x

Fashion Icons!

Growing up I was very influenced by films and music videos, hence I went through some very interesting fashion phases growing up in the 2000s whilst listening to my dad’s 60s music. Whist I never straight up copied any one style in particular, I used to clothes out of magazines and put outfits together and any outfit I liked in a magazine or in a movie, I would cut it out and recreate it using mine (and my mum’s wardrobe). These are people who’s style I admire, I might not necessarily wear exactly what they wear but I certainly admire it and find it intriguing in some way.

1. Keith Richards.
I know, what a cliché! But it’s it true! I grew up with my brother blasting The Rolling Stones and we used to pick members and act out their stage performances in his room. I either went for Mick Jagger, running and jumping everywhere or I would use my brothers clothes to try and emulate the effortlessly cool look of Keith Richards. Today I find myself drawn to shirts and blazers and any excuse to wear a bandana or a hat I will take it. I’m glad they are coming back in fashion.

2. Jane Birkin
In summer I will willingly wear denim flared jeans, a white peasant shirt with a wicker basket whilst having a picnic (probably in the rain). Her minimalistic style is something I strive for in every day outfits.


3. Anita Pallenberg
Probably the coolest women! She perfected the art of sex appeal and yet innocent. Again whilst she looks as though she could get ready and out the door in five minutes and look effortless, I just look like my life is a mess. I still need to work on that one.


4. Kate Moss
Kate Moss will forever be my excuse for turning up to a party late in jeans, t-shirt and heals. I still do a Smokey eye with a nude lip when going out in the evening and continue to wear it the next morning due to Kate Moss.


5. James Dean
The first time I laid eyes upon James Dean was in his 1955 film, Rebel without a cause, and still to this day I can’t wear a leather jacket without wanting a cigarette, not to smoke but just for the image.

dean .jpg
6. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
Okay, so I had to include the Olsen twins because I definetly tried to copy Roxy’s style from A New York minute. I still love their style though, very gothic chic. They allow me to wear all black outfits.


7. Wednesday Addams
For the moody days.


8. Kiss
Kiss was the first CD me and my brother ever bought from hmv and we obviously did not understand the lyrics but I would stick a cut out star over my face (with cut out eyes) and put on a rock concert. I’m convinced Kiss is the reason I now love star and have decorated every inch of my room in hanging stars.


9. The cast of Friends.
Each character probably influenced me in some way. In particular Rachel and Phoebe. From classic 90s to hippy.


10. Captain Jack Sparrow.
Yes, I used to line my eyes in black eyeliner, plait small strands of hair, wear a bandana and these really scruffy leather brown boots. It wasn’t my best look but I was a fan.

Who was your fashion icon? Hope you enjoyed!
Eleanor Elizabeth xx

Alexa Chung Style Steal!

Effortlessly cool but yet a style that is easy to recreate for the everyday girl with a simple wardrobe.

Skirt outfitThis look incorporates a feminine floral skirt but with a masculine touch. An easy way to dress down a pretty skirt.

I have taken inspiration in this outfit:

Plain black jumper with Vans and a floral skirt or dress.

Dress: Nasty Gal Wrap Floral Dress

dress with jumper

Next Up, a super easy combination of black and white. A great transitional outfit or a British summer outfit.


Now whilst my recreation is not exactly the same, I have taken inspiration from Alexa’s and recreated it using items I already had in my wardrobe.

Bralette: Bralette

White jumper with a black denim skirt and black boots.


Finally, another casual outfit that could be wore from day to night.


My Outfit:

Green Jacket

Then I went for a white t-shirt and a denim skirt with black boots.



I hope you enjoyed this post and gained some Alexa Chung Style inspiration! Whilst these outfits are not exactly the same, they still work but incorporate items I already had in my wardrobe.

Eleanor Elizabeth x

How To Party Like An It Girl…

To party like an ‘it’ girl, you need to put in as little effort as possible but still look and be the life of the party. Think London, New York and Paris in the evening, you just casually find yourself at some party in an expensive venue, with a drink in your hand whilst you talk to a friend of a friend. These rules should assist you in this difficult craft.

1. Rules are more like suggestions.
You probably decided to go to the party last minute on your way home from your evening activities and so did not have time to comply with the all black dress code as you turn up in a red cocktail dress. Woops. Sometimes black jeans a white t-shirt and heals does the trick. Image-1.png.jpg

2. Arive late and leave early, even to your own party.

3. It’s all about the after party.
There are a few events, such as work party’s where you have to restrain yourself. Your main priority is alays the after party. Surrounded by your closest friends and at one of their houses, there you can really let your hair down.

4. You are not afraid to dance. If there is a disco ball you are under it.
5.. Remember the sexiest parts are your smile, hair and a little declatage.
Messy hair, make up with a killer smile and a hint of perfume will keep them wanting more.

6. Do get pictured drinking but you can handle your drink.

7.Don’t spend your night in the toilets.

8.You never take the selefie but somehow you end up being tagged in others.
Don’t spend your night stairing at your screen, talk to people.

9.Make an impression on everyone.
Even if you don’t speak to everyone, eye contact with a smirk can shout lounder.

10. It’s okay to wear the same hair, make up and outfit the next day.
Who said the party was over?

There you go, some rather easy rules for you to ace a party. Make it spontaneous, effortless and as long as you are having fun, others will follow.


Eleanor Elizabeth x

Black Fashion In The Slave Trade.

The term ‘fashion’ seems inappropriate in the context of slavery, rather than a carefully crafted piece of clothing, slaves during the 1800s wore very basic and very demeaning clothing. This blog post will explore the oppressive nature of black ‘fashion’ within the American slave trade and will demonstrate how through fashion, African Americans were stripped of their African culture without being assimilated into the American. In other words, black fashion during this period can be summarised by the nature of slavery.

Like many African tribes today, the fashion involved modification of the body and hair, as well as supplementation through beads, jewellery, hair and colour. Tribes used these as symbols of community and status. However, once kidnapped by slave traders, men and women were physically and symbolically stripped of their culture. Naked and cramped on boast rotting of disease and torture, the knocked bodies of the slaves represents slavery. Having no clothes, accessories etc represents the lack of cultural identity, lack of processions and self expression that fashion can be used for. There is no doubt that fashion can be used as a form of class identity, especially in this period, hence without any the slaves became property.

Upon arrival in America, those who had not committed suicide were sold to slave owners and split up from family members to work on mostly cotton and later tobacco farms in the southern states of America. For male slaves in cotton farms, they wore simple trousers and shirts perhaps with breeches. For women, simple dresses, some with stripes. Slave owners claimed the dress code ensured maximum work efficiency rather than segregate the slaves from American culture. The lack of choice in their fashion highlights the enforced practice of slavery, as well as the controlling nature.

Significantly however, slave fashion can also be used to demonstrate how slaves used fashion to resist slavery. For example, maintaining their nature hair, braiding each others hair whilst singing and telling folklore. Often advertisements for runaway slaves would involve specific hairstyles due to the lack of distinctive clothing.

Black fashion during the slave trade in America had one sole purpose and that was not to maximise work efficiency but to segregate African Americans. They no longer fit into their African culture, yet whilst they were westernised, they were not allowed to become compatible with American citizens. They were slaves and in a way they made it their own through their resistance.

Get To Know Me…

Welcome to my blog! At the moment my plan is to use this as a creative outlet whilst I am at university. I am hoping to combine my degree, history, with my love of fashion, film, media etc. Just because a girl likes fashion and make up, it certainly does not mean she is shallow and self centred! I hope to show that there is more to fashion than the models and high price tags. I am interested in exploring the politics of fashion from different socio-economic and political perspectives.

I hope you learn with me along the way!

  1. Name? Basic I know but I’m Eleanor Elizabeth which is shortened to Lenie.
  2. Age? I have just turned 19.
  3. Occupation? History student at Durham University.
  4. Birth Location? Greater Manchester
  5. Favourite songs? Fallen Angel by Frankie Valley. A New York state of mind by Billie Joel. Down in Mexico by The Coasters. I don’t want to hear it anymore by Dusty Springfield.
  6. Style Icons? This is a question I could spend all day answering but I always include Keith Richards, Jane Birkin and Anita Pallenberg and Kate Moss.
  7. Favourite fashion era? Again tough question but I always go back to the 60s!
  8. Favourite Films? Some old school favourites, Peter Pan and Madeline.
  9. Pets? Yes, Doodle the toy poodle. I’ve had a cat, and several fish, including a fish with one eye and fin.
  10. Favourite shop? At the moment I am really enjoying Nasty Gal and Sagittarius.

That was harder than it should have been to come with 10 facts!

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Thanks for reading! Eleanor x